What Is This Site?

A purely informative wiki of all people that used Tor to do some shit and failed, typically as a result of bad OpSec. I seek to compile and gather as much information as possible. I also wish to convey to people through this site that Tor (and darknets in general) is not a silver bullet like many assume it is but at the same time, it's not a completely useless tool like the governments of the world want you to believe.

What Information Is On This Site?

I intend to gather the following details in addition to anything else that may be noteworthy.

Why This Site?

Why not? I thought that a wiki of sorts for failures in OpSec that is simple in design and easy to comprehend would be of great use to somebody

whether it be purely for learning purposes, trying to avoid the mistakes of others that failed before them or even just laughing at people's seeming ineptitude.

What About Your Own OpSec?

I take precautions so you needn't worry, but I'm not exactly concerned for myself. All I intend to do is to provide information, nothing more and nothing less.

Why Is The Site So Simple In Design?

I'll say it again, why not? Why do we need to have unnecessarily complex looking webpages to access mere text? If you can read it, it's good enough. I'm not trying to run a startup company.

What Software Configuration And/Or Services Would You Recommend?

None. Not because I think they're all bad, but because it isn't my place to recommend services and configuration guides to people. I will say however that I'm staunchly opposed to the proliferation of abuse materials and links will not be provided to them regardless of their takedown status.